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Services: Composite Restorations

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings, provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on front or back teeth.

Composites cost more than amalgam (silver-colored) fillings, and are not always covered by insurance plans. No dental filling lasts forever, and studies show that composite fillings may be less durable than amalgam fillings. But tooth-colored fillings are now widely used as they are a good choice for patients preferring a more natural look.

Ultimately, the best dental filling is no dental filling. Prevention is the best medicine. You can dramatically decrease your risk of cavities and other dental diseases simply by:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing daily
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Visiting the dentist regularly

Our Approach

Commonly referred to as dental fillings, composite restorations are the one of the most frequently sought after dental service that we offer at Yost Family Dentistry.

We use SonicFill technology to restore your teeth. This product adapts nicely to your tooth, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing restoration. This award-winning technology fills your cavity more thoroughly than other products, reducing your time in the dentist chair.

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Dental X-ray illustrating Composite Restorations
Using SonicFill technology, we can adapts create a durable and aesthetically pleasing restoration.

Educational Videos

Composite Filling (Posterior)
Composite Filling (Anterior)
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